How to fix CPU and RAM usage in Windows 10

How to fix CPU and RAM usage in Windows 10

task manager in RAM usage in Windows 10
task manager in RAM usage in Windows 10


Windows 10 has been launched after Windows 7 by Microsoft consisting of various add on features and excellent properties. Windows 10 is packed and upgraded with looks as well as performance as compared to its previous versions. But still, we encounter some basic problem of high RAM usage and CPU usage. This is a major problem as it makes our computer processes slow and is very irritating. There can be several reasons for this usage problem but also , these problems are not that big enough . It can be fixed using proper techniques and ways , helping our Windows to work better.

Where’s the fault ?

RAM usage in Windows 10
RAM usage in Windows 10

There can be many possible explanations to the mentioned question. One of the reasons can be the annoying update feature of Windows 10 which gives rise to background downloading. The various drivers might be incompatible with the system needs resulting in slow speed of the system. Also the presence of some registry bugs are causing high use of CPU. There can also be some unnecessary processes running in the background which needs to be attended to.

Here’s the solution

First and foremost , delete all the unnecessary apps from your system. This can help reducing memory usage. Also try turning off the Windows 10 tips which pop up unnecessarily.

We can also disable the startup programs by pressing Wind+R, typing ‘ misconfig’, then entering the startup tab to get a list of programs. By clicking on them, we can disable the desired ones.

We should adjust our Windows 10 for better performance and make it more comfortable with our system. By going to the Computer icon , then properties , advanced system settings , system properties, settings ,adjust for best performance , apply and restart, we can improve the performance of Windows 10.

Keep the network , graphics and sound drivers up to date by moving into the device manager and scanning for the hardware changes.

Cleaning of system with a good antivirus approved by Norton and Microsoft should be brought in use for effective removal of junk files .This can help in less use of RAM.

Some settings can also be done bythe knowledge of computers and expertise. One can try for registry hack by disabling the runtime loader. The process of defragmentation of drives can also be brought to use if possible .This can help in fixing the CPU and RAM usage in Windows 10.


The problem of CPU and RAM usage in Windows 10 is not that big as it seems. It can be solved easily by referring to the above mentioned techniques. But it is not that small either. The update feature within months in Windows 10 seems endless. This drawback of auto update causes slow system performance. To avoid this ,updates should be done manually from time to time. Talking about Windows 10 , it still is preferred by many people over the other versions of Windows. Hence , we should be aware of these common ways to fix the CPU and RAM usage to smooth up the performance of the system and hence make use of Windows 10 more effectively.

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