Textures: Optifine RK

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In life, you need to constantly change something. Sometimes it has to be done, and sometimes the heart requires changes. If you look at the screenshots of Optifine RK textures, then the heart will definitely ask you to update the appearance of Minecraft. The addition not only changes a lot of elements, but also optimizes the design. A lot of unnecessary functions will either disappear completely or be updated. At the same time, the game will become as much better as possible.


  • Added the F1 button
  • Added a quick crafting button
  • Added chat buttons
  • Improved settings
  • Added glass in the door
  • Made the telescope interface transparent
  • Made the pumpkin interface transparent


  • Customer Styles
  • Pixel Limit
  • Limitation of the drawing distance
  • Other restrictions



Changes in the new version

  • Compatible with 1.19.40
  • More fog
  • Fixed the code
  • Changed the totem
  • Changed the text and background
  • Changed the texture of sea grass

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