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Better Foliage textures are inspired by a similar build for the Java version of Minecraft. The assembly aims to make the foliage in the cubic universe thicker, denser and more beautiful. The addition not only affects the foliage of trees, but also all other plants, including cacti, reeds and even crops. Use this addon together with others to achieve the best effect.

You can choose between round and bush leaves by clicking on the gear in the add-ons menu.

Round leaves

  • Recommended choice

Bush leaves

  • There are bugs: for example, foliage is not colored according to the color of the biome



Each type of flowers received 4-6 variants of new models. At the same time, there may be several identical flowers on one block, or one flower, but lush and large.


Grasses and ferns

  • 9 types

Water lilies

  • 6 kinds of flowers on water lilies and 8 kinds of water lilies

Sugar cane

  • 3D model


  • The upper part can be with colors


  • Sea grass will now look like cattails
  • Part of the plant will come out

Cactus and dead bushes

  • New species


  • 4 types
  • There will be several mushrooms on one block


  • 3 types

Foliage of the Lower World

  • Dense options


Falling leaves

  • Leaves will fall from a tree within a radius of 10 blocks
  • They will stay on the blocks


  • Apples will grow on trees
  • There is a chance of growth of the golden apple
  • Apples have 5 stages of growth
  • Green apples restore only 1 unit of hunger


  • Spawns near rivers and swamps
  • For extraction, you need to use scissors


  • Spawn: forests
  • For extraction, you need to use scissors

The Roots of the Lower World

  • Spawn: Lower World
  • They grow in caves under blocks of hellstone
  • For extraction, you need to use scissors

Changes in the new version

  • Added seedlings
  • Added mushrooms
  • Added mangrove foliage

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