Textures: Animated Blocks

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Have you ever thought that some blocks in Minecraft lack realism or life? For example, iridescent glow, filling of vessels in the cooking rack and other movements. Fortunately, Animated Blocks textures are available, which will just animate blocks and objects. After installing the add-on, many items will receive their own animations, which will be discussed below.

If suddenly your world has become invisible, then you will have to fix mistakes. This often happens on devices with low power. You need to go to the texture files and delete the shaders folder. After that, everything will be fixed, but the movement of the leaves will no longer be available.

Part of the animations


The brightness of the lighthouse is constantly changing.

Cooking rack

Fills the vessels with liquid.

Music Block

Inflated when used: it seems that the unit produces sound because of this.

Redstone Lamp

The brightness of the glow is constantly changing.

The Book of Enchantment

Diamond inserts illuminate the area.


The glow under the stove is dynamic.


The fire from the torch is constantly moving.

The Soul Stone

A creepy block where the mouths of the faces will open and close.

Glowing Stone

It glitters beautifully.

Iron Ore

The ore glows.

Iron Block

The block glows.

Gold ore

The ore glows.

Golden Block

The block glows.

Diamond Ore

The ore glows.

Diamond Block

The block glows.

Emerald Ore

The ore glows.

The Emerald Block

The block glows.

Redstone Ore

The ore glows.

Redstone Block

The block glows.

Lapis lazuli ore

The ore glows.

Lapis Lazuli Block

The block glows.

Quartz ore

The ore glows.

Gold ore of the Lower World

The ore glows.


A burning wick.

Mob Spawner

Glowing lights.

Eyes of the Edge

The eyes are blinking.


Honey flows down.

Artificial beehive

Honey flows down.

Torch Shower

Burning fire.

Glowing Pumpkin

Iridescent light.


Slow swaying.


Slow swaying.

Tall flowers

Slow swaying.


Slow wobble.

Foliage of trees

Slow movement.


A climbing vine.

Dead Bush

Quiet rolling.

Water Lily

Floating on the waves.


A little movement.


Slow movements.

Wobbling under water

Realistic excitement underwater.


A quiet sway.

Sea cucumbers

Slow movement.

Edge Rod

Constant flickering, which is hard to catch.

Golden Black Stone

A little glint of gold.

Distorted Forest

Iridescent light.

Plants of the Lower World

A little movement.


Rolling from side to side.


Burning fire.

Crying Obsidian

The glow of the purple part.

Rebirth Anchor

Glowing stone and cracks shine.


A slight glow.


Glowing red dust.

Comparator and Repeater

Glow at the ends of redstone torches.

Sunlight sensor

Glow in the daytime.

New animations


Changes in the new version

  • Lots of new textures
  • Improved old textures
  • Fixed bugs
  • Compatibility with other add-ons

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