Simple Warfare II Addon for Minecraft PE

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Download Simple Warfare II Addon for Minecraft PE on Android and add simple relatively modern weapons and armor. All models are made well and look good in the game, among the weapons will be found as simple submachine guns, machine guns, rifle, revolver, and grenades, air strikes or even a nuclear strike that demolishes everything around.

There will also be new tools in the game – hammer, which with one blow demolishes 1 block and trench shovel, which digs 3×3 blocks at a time. You’ll need to craft a different type of ammo for each shooting weapon as well (use Just Enough Items (JEI) to view the crafting.

The new armor looks just like a camouflage suit, also new helmets too. The SMG and automatic rifle have 30 rounds in the clip and they are good for medium to long distances, the Shotgun has 8 rounds and it is great for close combat, the rifle has 6 rounds and it demolishes most mobs with 1 shot at long range, and the revolver has 8 rounds and it is just universal.

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