Simple Nuke Mod for Minecraft PE

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If you want to destroy half the world with one single bomb, then we suggest you to download Simple Nuke Mod for Minecraft PE on Android. The add-on will allow players to get a real nuclear bomb, which can be dropped in the desired location and arrange a large-scale explosion. The radius of the explosion is so large that it can entail serious lags in the game. Use the assembly only at your own risk.

How does it work?

First you need to find the bomb in creative mode.

How to light the bomb?

  • Use a lighter
  • Make the bomb fall from a great height

After falling, the bomb will cause a poisonous cloud in the shape of a mushroom. This will inflict blindness for 30 seconds and deadly poison for 120 seconds on creatures within a 100 block radius.

The game will seriously slow down this is normal, the player will also explode.

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