Seed: Zombie Village/Jungle Temple Near Ice Spike/Jungle Combo in Minecraft PE

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In this seed for Minecraft, the player appears on the threshold of the juggle biome. There will be a village ahead, which is located close to the biome of ice spikes and jungles. To the left of this place is hidden a jungle temple, combined with a settlement inhabited by monsters – village zombies.

Another cool feature will be the igloo – a rare structure that will be generated in the biome of ice spikes. And for fans of collecting experience, the coordinates of two zombie spawners are available.

Map of the area


Spawn is located at point 184, 77, 4, and the zombie village and jungle mentioned above are located at point 555, 68, 60.

Combined biomes of jungle and ice spikes await users at coordinates 350, 72, 175, and the village by the river at 150, 70, 200.

A zombie spawner with coordinates 155, 37, 412 will be generated in an open gorge.

Igloo – 355, 70, 357 and double zombie spawner – 10, 47, 84.

SEED: 1944225304 or HOMEGITCOW

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