Seed: Woodland Mansion

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Explore various interesting biomes with Seed Triple Village Fused to Mesa for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Initially, you will be zaspaunen next to the Table Mountains, which are a fairly rare biome in Minecraft Bedrock. There is also a mine and a dungeon in this biome.

Not far from all this, you can find a Flower Forest or a Sunflower Field.
In addition to all this, going a little to the right, you will see three unusual villages that are located right in the Table Mountains! The first of the villages is deserted, the second has plains, and the third is a zombie village.


  • The place where you will appear: 4 64 24
  • Flower Plains and Sunflower Fields: 120 64 60
  • Table Mountains: 0 68 -200
  • Villages that are located in the Mountains: 190 65 -500
  • Mine in Table Mountains (located inside villages): 250 64 -565
  • Mine: 230 40 -540
  • Village of Kuznetsov: 250 70 -25

Some more interesting places:

  • Dungeon: 365 56 -527
  • Hut on chicken legs near the birch forest: 790 71 375
  • Hidden places, for example, taiga and unusual forest: 200 70 575

SEED: -1526565007

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