Seed: Village and marine structures

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The player appears on a small island, which is packed with trees. If you turn around and walk about 300 blocks, you can visit friendly neighbors – villagers who have settled on the ocean. In addition, a bunch of rare structures are available to the player at a short distance, the coordinates of which are listed below, and for easy search, there is also a map of the area. Cool LED for easy survival in the game.

View from above:

The user will spawn on 1404, 72, 4.

The village, which has a dungeon, and a coral reef very close by, is located at point 1340, 64, -300.

Magma blocks can be found in the gorge, near the dungeon at coordinates 1287, 12, -308.

Oceanic Ruins are available in 1365, 40, -328.

The shipwreck occurred at point 1300, 41, -422.

And to go to the Edge dimension, you need to enter the portal – 1310, 42, -380.

Cold Islands – 1730, 68, -500.

The skeleton spawner is waiting at 1285, 30, -144.

Underwater fortress – 1670, 60, 20.

There are two underwater fortresses located nearby – 2000, 60, -310.

SEED: 2029555703 or shyBoilcow


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