Seed: Taiga Village, Zombie Village and Coastal Village in Minecraft PE

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If you are a fan of exploring different types of villages in the game or enjoy the magnificent architecture of the developers, then we suggest you take a look at this seed. There are three types of villages at once that you can visit without going far from spawn.

There are two river routes on spawn. A village is accessible on the right along the river, and if you go even further, you will find a second one. If you go back and follow the left river path, the player will also meet a zombie village and an ordinary village.


Spawn: 30, 68, 0

Coastal village: 594, 63, -313

Zombie village: 162, 64, -180

Taiga village: -242, 70, 587

Zombie village: 17, 79, 631

SEED: -1900683751

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