Seed: Mushroom biome and savanna in Minecraft PE

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In this seed, the player appears next to a village where a blacksmith is available. The chest will contain 2 iron swords that will help you overcome the first battles in the dungeons or at night. A mushroom biome will be generated next to the village, near which there is a broken savanna.

The mushroom biome is notable for the fact that 4 dungeons are located right under the location, and the savannah is a huge desert near the biome.

The mushroom biome is followed by an icy ocean, where shipwrecks, ruins and even icebergs await users. To the right of them there is an underwater fortress and a fortress that was under water. Below is a map where users can easily get to the main points in Minecraft.


Spawn is located at 884, 65, and the village and the mushroom biome can be found here: 970, 70, 70.

The intersection of the mushroom biome and the broken savanna will be at point 1150, 63, 250.

The ruins described above will be generated at 1200, 64, 790, and shipwrecks at 1175, 71, 820.

A giant desert awaits users at 1450, 70, -40, a spider spawner at 380, 56, 210 and a fortress under water at 870, 30, 935.

Next will be the coordinates of small structures:

  • Underwater fortress – 666, 67, 777
  • Mine – 1167, 33, 642
  • Zombie spawner in the mushroom biome – 943, 58, 291
  • Another zombie spawner under the mushroom biome – 1011, 52, 327
  • Skeleton Spawner – 1045, 53, 441
  • Another skeleton spawner – 984, 63, 378

A little secret finally – the second biome of fungi, which is located at the point 2100, 90, 500.

SEED: 603876411 or GaveAmSOAK

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