Seed: 3 Villages, 2 Pyramids and Ravine in Minecraft PE

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Exploring three villages, two desert temples and visiting a gorge from the very beginning is not an easy task. This is what you will have to do when surviving with this seed in Minecraft Bedrock. Let’s take a little tour of navigation.

As soon as we started life, we immediately go straight to where villages and temples are already waiting for us.

Have you noticed the desert? We’re heading there.

You can feed the ore.

The first deserted village: 653, 73, 174.

The first temple of the desert: 681, 67, 269.

The second deserted village: 907, 70, 169.

The second temple of the desert: 1100, 70, 108.

The third deserted village: 1300, 65, 157.

Gorge: 1200, 68, 225.

SEED: -736121172

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