Plants vs Zombies Map 1.2.3

The TNT could be placed along the water stream in some places to kill zombies. When you’re starting the game the zombies will start spawning and you can continue the process but now you can press 3 buttons which will explore the TNT and kill more zombies and give you more ingots.

Plants vs Zombies Map 1.2.3
Plants vs Zombies Map 1.2.3
Play in Easy mode
Purchase flowers with gold by dropping gold in each feeding well. This will active the flower for 5mins.
The game is over when your house health reaches zero

How to Install Plants vs Zombies Map 1.2.3

  1. Download the Plants vs Zombies Map and Open the roaming folder
  2. Open the .minecraft folder and then the saves folder
  3. Drag the Plants vs Zombies Map into the saves folder
  4. Close all windows and enjoy the game

The creator of the Plants vs Zombies Map has also created the Temple of notch map.

Download  Plants vs Zombies Map 1.2.3

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