Mekanism Addon for Minecraft PE

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Download Mekanism Addon for Minecraft PE on Android; an independent techno mod that adds low, medium and high level vehicles to your mein. This mod doesn’t have an exact goal, and you’ll realize this when you see tons of different unrelated content, from jetpacks to hot air balloons. However, we can assure you that all of this mixed together will help you understand this mod better.

Mekanism uses a level system to create all items in the mod, including energy cubes and factories. There are only four levels of mechanisms: basic (easy level), improved (second base level), elite, and supreme. You can improve the levels by placing the mechanism in the crafting grid and surrounding it with the necessary ingredients for improvement (use NEI).

Using this mod for a while, you will soon find yourself wearing almost indestructible obsidian armor, getting four ingots for each ore dug, having the ability to fly using a jetpack.

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