JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stand Disc for Minecraft PE

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Download JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stand Disc for Minecraft PE on Android and immerse yourself into unique and megapopular anime/manga universe! A lot of characters and stands from this franchise will appear in our favorite game. You will be able to summon stands with the help of disks, so that they fight on your side and deal with any enemies. Each one has its own special features.

To spawn a booth, you need to pick up the Booth Summoning Disk and hold it for 3 seconds.

You can remove a booth by using the booth removal item.

Star Platinum

  • Abilities: barrage and time stop for 5 seconds.


  • Abilities: barrage and stop time for 9 seconds

Magical Red

  • Abilities: fire rope, hurricane crossfire, fire fist

Killer Queen

  • Abilities: bomb, arson and desiccation

Mad Diamond

  • Abilities: barrage, heal

Weather Forecast

  • Abilities: weather modification, thunderstorm summoning


  • Abilities: teleport, drag and remove creatures


  • Abilities: freeze

Golden Experience

  • Abilities: fire, heal, summon creatures (frogs)


  • Abilities: hand knife, send mobs to parallel dimension

Tusk First Act

  • Skills: nail bullet

Blue Dark Moon

  • Skills: summon shells (in water only)

Green Day

  • Abilities: mold control


  • Abilities: attack, gravity reduction (crouching), repulsion.

Crafting Recipes


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