Hardcore Mode Addon for Minecraft PE

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If you want to make your game more difficult, then you should definitely download Hardcore Mode Addon for Minecraft PE on Android, which increases the game difficulty in different game modes.

The add-on allows you to play in multiplayer mode. When starting the game, make sure all users are logged in, as new players will only be observers after the start.

Take a look at the picture below and appreciate the new health bar from the PC version of hardcore mode.

Even the death picture will change, which appears with a different caption in hardcore mode.

Players won’t have to destroy beds every time they sleep: beds no longer change the users’ sleep point.

After death, players go into observer mode, which means you can take another look at the buildings after death.

The add-on works only in survival mode. When creating a new world in MCPE, enable cheats to make sure the add-on works properly.

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