Apple OS5 Smart Watch

OS5 apple watch review

apple watch review
OS5 apple watch review

Apple has come up with its latest watch series OS5 Apple watch. In the last World-Wide Developer’s Conference held in June this year, Apple made its announcement. With it, they have also released the software for beta developers.  

The smartwatch manufacturing company shared what new features people will find in this watch series. Also, they made some improvement in their previous features like the notifications.

So, all those wanting to know the insights of this smartwatch, their wait is over. Here we evaluated its significant features especially the new additions which you will surely approve.

1.Workout assistance


Apple new OS5 smartwatch has some really cool workout assisting features. Like it has an automatic workout detection feature. That means your watch can detect if you are working out. So, it will send you a notification in case you want to record your physical activity.

You can record and see all your previous and current workout data in this feature. Once your workout session is over, it will ask you end ongoing recording.

With the next app, you can now challenge any other person wearing Apple watch to compete against you. It is the seven-day competition where you and the other person have to prove their fitness.

The physical activity of both the person will get recorded in this app for seven days. In the end, the one with more physical activity will win a medal but only in the app.  

In the workout profile, there is two new addition. These are hiking and yoga modes. So, now you can monitor your heartbeat and calories burnt while performing these two-fitness acts.

For the outdoor and indoor runners, Apple OS5 smartwatch has pace alert features. The work of this pace alert is to notify you whenever you are running at a higher or slower pace than the set pace. Even it will store your rolling mile data.

The cadence is yet another function that enables you to record the footsteps you cover in a minute be you are walking inside or outside. All in all, you can keep details of your physical activity of running, walking and standing.  

2.Walkie Talkie


Probably what feature is creating more buzz in the latest Apple smartwatch model is the Walkie Talkie. Now, this is something surprising addition to its list of features.

Now you can remain in touch with your mates anytime when they are also the Apple OS5 smartwatch. You need to make a contact list where you have to add and accept contacts.

You can communicate by pressing the Talk button while recording your message. After recording the message, one can send or receive it via Wi-fi, iPhone, or cellular connection.

The message sent will start playing automatically on the receivers watch. All the other aspects like volume and sound quality have no issues.     


os5 apple watch podcast mode
os5 apple watch podcast mode

Podcasts allow you to enjoy different audio or video files. It does that by syncs your watch with other Apple devices. Now the ball is in your court.

You will now have the entire podcast list appearing on your watch. From your watch, you can now select the podcast or any other file to play on the Apple devices.

This app will ease your life as you can access all the audio files from anywhere with the Wi-fi connectivity.

4.Siri watch face

os5 apple watch with high intelligence
os5 apple watch with more intelligence

The Siri watch face underwent many changes for the better. It now serves a lot more information than it used to in the earlier series watches.

Your breathing, heartbeat, weather, sports news, traffic updates, wallet, suggestions, emails, messages, reminder, and a few more information will be displayed on your screen.

You will find a multicolor as well as a grey color theme. Further, the addition of Siri shortcuts also simplifies your work of checking flight tickets, book table in a restaurant or making an order in the restaurant.

Siri has become even more intelligent as now one does not need to address it as hey Siri before giving commands. In fact, one has just to bring it closer to their mouth and just tell it to do what you want.         

5.Other features


Some more additional features include control center. The advantage it gives to the user is that they are now able to arrange these tiles as per their requirement.

So that means you can now put the tiles that you use the most at the top. And those who are less useful to you at the bottom.

In the messages section, you will see change. The website or the link in the message will now get open on you watch the screen, and you can have a glimpse of it on your watch.

Notification on the watch will now appear in separate trays. So, there won’t be any piling of many notification ones over one. To check a particular notification, click on the respective notification tray.

In the end, though there are several smartwatches compatible with Android and iOS, Apple smartwatches continues to dominate. This time again, their smartwatches include a bunch of surprises that has put Apple way ahead of its competitors.   

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