New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industry

New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industry

New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industry
New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industry

We have seen a lot of features becoming trends in the smartphone industry. Such a strange feature that boomed the smartphone industry was the introduction of the notch. The introduction of the notch happened with the bezel less display trend which created primacy for the OEM’s cutting down the extra   black borders across the display of the smartphone.

This caused a problem of accommodating the camera sensor with other necessary components and voila the notch was introduced. The first smartphone to carry a notch was the Essential phone. The essential phone’s bezels were too small and it required room for front camera.

The release of I phone X has successfully created buzz in the market about the new notch. For the I phone X, the notch was much needed due to the abundance of space for installing the sensors required for Face Id technology.

However, at the first place the notch was regarded as ugly and disturbing, but soon it proved to be wrong and it became a distinctive feature of the I phone X. People started understanding that the notch was an essential component and it’s a good design choice.

New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industry - Notch Devices
New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industry – Notch Devices

And where I phone starts a new trend it also gets emulated in the android platforms as well. The MWC 2018 caught the attention of the beautiful notch of the I phone X.

The release of the new Asus Zenfone series have emulated the notch of I phone in a better and cheaper way. By cheaper I mean it costs less than the I phone X without compromising with the beauty of the device. It is one of the aesthetics that can be seen being adopted in most of the newly launched phone such as VIVO V9, Huawei P20, Oppo F. The most awaited One Plus 6 is also rumoured to carry the all mighty notch. All these instances prove that the notch is here to stay and we need to embrace it.

Companies such as Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi have their own distinctive features and they have their own segment of customers who purchases their product. But the notch is something that can’t be ignored. In today’s scenario if any OEM fails to implement the notch in their flagship or midrange devices, then they will slowly move out of the market.

New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industry - Notch Device
New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industry – Notch Device

We have moved into a generation that regards phone as a style statement and not only utility. Companies fear that they will go obsolete if they don’t go with the flow. With the flow, I mean adopting the new trend called “notch”. Whether necessary or not we have seen the notch in every Chinese OEM with 1/4th price of the I Phone X. The upcoming LG G7 will also have a notch but it’s getting hated for the fact that with the notch it will also carrying much bezels compared to the other smartphones.

Unlike Samsungwhich houses a front-facing camera, iris scanner, earpiece, and more sensors in a slim bezel at the top of the display without implementing the notch. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Vivo apex has shown a better alternative to the notch.

We can also speculate that the upcoming Google Pixel 3 will also be having a notch. To my knowledge google has adopted I phone’s design idea in the past as well. The image of Google as an innovative giant will come to shame if they imitate the same design that I phone introduced. Google haves to come up with new technology in order to sustain in the emerging market or else they will lose the throne to Apple.

New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industrys
New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industrys

By looking at the present scenario one question arises: are notches the future?Notches wont sustain in the future due to the rapidly advancement in the technology and trends.Companies would flourish in future only if they invest their time in researching new ways to incorporate all the necessary component of a display without having a cut.

The funny part is the notch that was necessary for I Phone X became a trend for the rest. It spread like a wildfire among the smaller known OEM’s and they started replicating it. In the race of who can give the better notch, it’s the people that are getting benefited with the boom of low cost I phone X look alike.

Every good thing comes with a flaw and thus, the notch also brings in many chaos among the android development community. The display hinders in creating apps. Few apps in the market are still not able to support the display cut at the top. Game developers are struggling in order to give a full screen experience but the notch acts as a road block to the creators.

Technology changes with time and even though the notch has gain popularity among the masses, soon it will disappear with the introduction of more new trends. But these trends need to have an edge over the notch which is the present favourite of the OEM’s.

New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industrys
New Notch Trend in Smartphone Industrys

I believe that the notch was created out of necessity and it had nothing to do with innovation. But with the increasing popularity and the thrive for emulating the I Phone X. Chinese companies has made it a big thing and we can see the sudden boom of smartphones display having the notch.

The future is uncertain and we hope to see more such innovations coming our way to make our life relatively easier and not hard.

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