Myths about iPhone

6 myths about your iPhone that you still believe

myth in iPhone in 21 century.

The consumers of mobile telephony have recorded in our DNA certain mantras that we remember in a recurrent way. And this is more evident if you are not a newcomer to mobile telephony, those of us who started using these products in the 90s may have more roots in them.

That’s why today we are going to demystify some of them with the aim of eliminating from our imagination those things that many people still believe with respect to their smartphone, but that have no meaning, more in the XXI century.

6 myths about your iPhone that you still believe

It’s bad to load it all night

facebook bad load.

No, it is not, although it may not make much sense. If in the middle of the night the phone reaches its peak or is going to overheat or anything like that, there will be no load flow and nothing else. The most sensible thing to do is always remember our tips on how to maximize the battery charge.

You can only use official accessories

Charging cable
Charging cable

In fact I never use the charging cables that come in the iPhone. The quality of them, without being bad, is not as good as it should be and those cables end up dying in the same place. Instead I use those of other brands with better benefits.

Open apps spend battery

Open apps spend battery


Very widespread, in fact it is very common to see people closing apps when their battery reaches critical levels. It does not influence at all, in fact double-clicking on the start button to access them is so that the user can find them more easily, nothing more. They also do not affect the performance of the processor in an obvious way.

The iPhone is expensive


With nuances, obvious. It pains us all to disburse the amounts they cost, although we may have to make two reflections. It is probably the device with which you spend more hours a day and therefore, the one that has the best expense-use ratio. And secondly, do we take a look at the prices of the competition?

An iPhone is scratched with looking at it

iPhone is scratched

I was using an iPhone 6s without a case or screen protector for a year, and I kept it as the first day taking the obvious precautions: do not put it in your pocket with keys or coins, clean it regularly and little else. Much has been commented on the metal frame of the iPhone X and it never hurts to put a case, but the experience of wearing it bareback is incredible. And yes, they are resistant devices.

There is no need to turn it off

no need to turn it off

Like any device, it is always convenient to give it a rest. Despite the intense use I give the iPhone daily, with many consultations, hours of intense use and others, the night is sacred. And also very healthy, both for him and for me.For more you can checkout on

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