Chainsaw Man Addon for Minecraft PE

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Download Chainsaw Man Addon for MCPE on your Android-smartphone and add Pochita to your cubic world, plus the ability to transform into Chainsaw-Man from the famous manga/anime. Pochita will be able to become not only a cute and useful pet, but also a tool for efficient wood extraction.

To tame a mob, you need to sit down and interact. After that, you will lose some health. You can only tame one Pochita. To tame the creature you must crouch and interact with it. Only works on a tamed mob. If you die with a chainsaw in your hand, you become the Chainsaw.

To do this, you need to use an item that appears after death. You’ll have to feed on the blood of mobs to survive. You’ll also get speed, jump increases, damage, and even a jerk. Jerk is activated by sprinting and interacting, but it consumes blood.To transform back, use the /function contract_revoke command.

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