In Depth Review of email drip campaigns

In Depth Review of email drip campaigns

If you are a digital marketer, or someone working as a Public Relation manager, or whoever, your work is connected with communication with people. And one of the best means of communication is via emails.

Whatever the case might be, the thing is that you do a lot of emails. Ah! Let us change the statement above a bit. You do a lot of business emails. Well, you know the struggle, finding the right emails, creating a prospects list, verifying the mails, and finally writing them and then sending them out. And if you are sending emails manually, you do know how time-consuming it is. So, we are here to help you shorten the time spent on emails sending.

In Depth Review of email drip campaigns
In Depth Review of email drip campaigns

Well, what if we say that you can save almost 70 percent of efforts and time. That would be amazing, right? And that’s not a miracle or a dream. Today, in this post, we are going to review the tool which will help you with this task. We are talking about Email Drip Campaigns here. Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of drip campaigns and find out what you can do within the platform! Email Drip Campaigns

So, Emails Drip Campaigns is a tool for emails marketers, digital marketers, or any other marketer, which helps users to save their time on reaching leads. How? Everything is simple. Everything you’ve got to do is to build an email sequence with triggers, delays, and goals, and click the Start button. Then, the platform does everything for you: the emails are sent automatically to the recipients. But how? Every time the recipient performs an action determined in the trigger of the campaign, the next step comes into action. So, you won’t have to spend hours searching for people who opened the email and needs to receive another one.

Features of Email Drip Campaign

Here’s a list of the main features of Email Drip Campaigns. They are triggers and delays, personalized emails, plain-text emails, creating templates, and statistics.

Triggers and delays

Probably the most important thing in the platform. Triggers are definite actions performed by the recipient. They define the next step of the campaign. Right now, there are two triggers with options: the recipients opened the email and the recipient clicked the link. You can set the time for triggers, either in hours or in days. So, when the recipient performs definite action (set up in the trigger), the next step of the campaign begins.

Another feature is delay. You can postpone the sending of the email after the trigger. So, the leads won’t get the emails from you right when they perform the trigger action. Delays can be set up either in hours or days, too.

Personalized emails

Personalization is the key to success. People are favorable to personalized emails and are more glad to reply to them, this way, you are more likely to convert one more person. Hopefully, even people. Within the platform, you can add a human touch to both subject line and email body. In the first one, you can add either first or last name.

But the email body… Wow, you can make it as personal as you wish. If you upload the list of prospects to the system with columns containing data about the company the person is working for, or the sphere he or she is connected to, or any other data, then you are really lucky! The email will definitely look as if it was created for this person particularly.

Send plain-text emails

The world, especially the digital one, is full of colors. Are you sure you want to be just another person sending cacophony of colors? Bright emails might be annoying if not performed correctly. Moreover, the ESPs are not favorable to image-based emails. And that is a great opportunity for you to create a perfect plain-text email with Drip campaigns. Such emails more often get into the inbox folder, and that is what you need.

Creating templates

When you create an email within drip campaigns, you have the opportunity to save this template for later and use it in the other campaign. Isn’t that convenient? Seems to be. This way, you won’t spend another half an hour or even more on composing a new message. Simply save it for later and take advantage of it when you need it adding or deleting something.


That’s what everyone needs, to know whether the emails got to the inbox, whether people have opened the emails, whether they have clicked the link inside the message body, or replied to the message. And you can have all this information. You can learn a lot more if you need this, you can even see details on every recipient.

Final chords Drip Campaigns is a great tool for every email marketer. It will save time and money. By the way, the pricing is not that high, starting at $29 only. And what is more, they offer freemium. So, you can try it and see whether the platform is worth donating or not. But it seems to me it is really worth that.

Try for free and share in comments what you think of the platform and drip campaigns in particular.


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